Professional quality fiber glass body fine lather high tone melody sound Djembe SOB DJ 1 free shipping in India

$ 114.68

  • INR: ₹ 9,500.00

Need a visual representation for our size descriptions on Professional Djembes and Jammer’s Djembes? Check out the picture to the left. Also, scroll down this entry for a brief description of each sizes advantages and drawbacks.

19 inch-20 inch Tall, 9 inch-10 inch Playing Surface, 10 inch-11 inch Overall Diameter These drums are great for beginners, and for those looking for a drum with great sound that is somewhat portable. Specifically our pro models in this size have a sound unmatched by any other drum in that size anywhere in the industry, and are sure to give you the sharp high-end sound to be heard distinctly in any drumming environment. Drums in this size are best characterized as having clear, sharp slap tones and moderate bass.

23 inch-24 inch Tall, 11 inch-12 inch Playing Surface, 13 inch-14 inch Overall Diameter These drums are the perfect blend of sound. Amazing slap tones characterized by well-sustained bass, perhaps the most well-balanced size we carry. Drums this size are characterized by their solid, clear, all-around sound.

25 inch-26 inch tall, 13 inch-14 inch Playing Surface, 14 inch-15 inch Overall Diameter BIG bass, enough said. Solid slap but these drum serve best to provide the root of the beat with deep bass and rich tones. Great drum for the player who lives for bass but still desires choppy