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The Punjabi Dhol is a barrel-shaped, two-headed drum also known as “Mother of North Indian Drums”. It is also called by names such a Punjabi Dholak It holds a religious significance as it was used by Punjabi Dance Instruments, Lord Ganesha.

The shell of Punjabi Dhol is barrel-shaped and its heads look like the heads of tabla. The only difference is that the bass head does not have a black spot at the centre.

Punjabi Dhol we are providing here is made from Sheesham Wood. It is Natural in colour and drum heads have been made from Goat Skin & synthetic. Right side synthetic. The heads are attached to each other using a leather lacing made from calf or goat hide. It also contains wooden braces between the leather thongs and the shell so as to control the tension.

Our high end & best quality Punjabi  are for professional musicians. These meet the highest requirements. They are crafted according to the traditional art of instrument-making. These instruments produce brilliant sound qualities and their craftsmanship and high-grade design make them instruments for life. Height 23″ Right side 13″ & left side 15″ head.

Professional mahogany wood nut & bolt Panjabi Dhol                                                                                                                                             

Double padding Panjabi Dhol Bag extra cost Rs: 800/-                                                                                                                                         

Size: Height :- 18 inch right side head 13 inch synthetic & left side 15 inch lather.                                                                       Net

weight 12 kg. with  packing  228 kg. volume weight.                                                                                                                       

U.S.A,CANADA, EUROPE, AFRICA, AUSTRALIA $ 220 & RUSSIA,UKRAINE on India speed post. Australia, New Zealand, Fiji: Fumigation, Tannery, Animal quarantine charges USD 123.00