Greetings, SUR-O-BANI welcomes all of you. This company has been serving the music world for decades. We have provided instruments to eminent personalities in the field of music and their success has resulted in our popularity and recognition. We produce handmade instruments of superior quality by our personal skilled workers. The instruments are made from superior quality seasoned raw materials For ex wood to produce high end sound quality and material finish. We have gained international recognition from all over the world through our instruments.

Because our instruments are individually selected we are never compelled to sell off defective instruments to clear out stock. We employ no middle-men, allowing us to offer a range of the best possible prices and qualities suitable for serious students or industry pros.

SUR-O-BANI is based in Khardaha, West Bengal, India. We Ship to UK, Europe, USA and Worldwide right to your doorstep SUR-O-BANI was formed and is managed by Mr Bidyut Jana.SUR-O-BANI manufactures all types of Indian musical instruments in India. Special craftsmen are employed who carefully design and create each instrument, accessories, and also build for quality, tone and durability. Each instrument is individually inspected. We are all musicians at SUR-O-BANI and music is our life. Whether you are looking for a new tabla set, a sitar, or you just need sitar strings or a new sitar bag we can advise and help you with the purchase. We are a growing venture and are constantly expanding the scope of the site.

SUR-O-BANI is always able to supply musical instruments to UK,Europe and the USA. It is our intention to use this internet site as a readily accessible catalogue Like many people, we understand the concerns and reservations relating to purchasing over the internet.

As such WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY PAYMENTS OVER THE INTERNET. When you order from us using the website we just receive an e-mail expressing your interest in a particular instrument and this email IS NOT A COMMITMENT TO PURCHASE. We will contact EVERY customer PERSONALLY.