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The khol also known as a mrudanga in the Odia language (lit. “mrit+anga” = “clay limb”) or mridôngo (Bengaliমৃদঙ্গ) (not to be confused with mridangam) is a terracotta two-sided drum used in northern and eastern India for accompaniment with devotional music (bhakti). It originates from the Indian states of West BengalAssam and Manipur. The drum is played with palms and fingers of both hands

The khol is a drum with a hollow earthen body, with drumheads at both ends, one far smaller than the other. The drumheads are made of cow or goat skin, and are three-layered and treated with a circle of rice paste, glue, and iron known as syahi. Some modern instruments are made with a fibreglass body and synthetic drumheads.

There are so many histories about its origin. Different types of Khol are available in north eastern India. Odisha, Manipur, Bengal and Assamese Khol are commonly found in different forms. The wooden khol was made into terracotta by the Assamese saint Sankardev.

Height 24 inch Right side Head 3.5 inch & left 8 inch                                                                                                                                               

Net weight 8 kg. with  packing  18 kg. volume weight.                                                                                                                                               

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