Professional quality Khamak SOB KM 1 (shipping cost extra)


  • USD: $ 14.40

The khamak, or bugchu, is almost 7 inches tall and has a diameter of 7 inches. It is used for rhythmic accompaniment. This instrument has one head that is resonated by plucking the string that is attached to it.Dating some 500 years back, the khamak originally had a single string but was later modified and now contains two strings. The player holds the body of the instrument under his left arm while his left hand pulls the small brass drum, jerking it slightly, almost unnoticeable. This controls the tension on the strings and sets the fundamental tone of the melody when the strings are plucked….the performer plucks them briskly with the plectrum held in his right hand. However, the fundamental tone produced does not remain fixed and completely depends on the tension applied to the strings. Made by surobani/

Mahogany wood