Professional quality Dotara SOB DTR 1 free shipping in India


  • USD: $ 78.01

Just like the Sarod, the Dotara consists of a wooden body covered with leather. The strings run across a bridge and a metal fingerboard. The tuning of the playing strings can be done in the same way as that of the Sarod, but it is, due to the smaller size of the Dotara, significantly higher. From this point of view the Dotara is a small, simplified version of the Sarod. The meaning of “Dotar” is “two strings”. The Dotara from Bengal on offer from us, has indeed 6 playing strings and is a far better version concerning quality and playing possibilities.

Five string, Brass reed board Neem or Mahogany wood

Net weight 6 kg. packing weight 10 kg.                                                                                                                                                                           

Out side India shipping charges on DHL or Fed Ex USD 107

Australia, New Zealand, Fiji : Fumigation, Tannery, Animal quarantine charges USD 123.00

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