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The tanpura or tambura, tanpuri) is a long-necked plucked string instrument, originating from India, found in various forms in Indian music. It does not play melody and it is not a supporting acoustic providing a continuous harmonic bourdon or drone. A tanpura is not played in rhythm with the soloist or percussionist: as the precise timing of plucking a cycle of four strings in a continuous loop is a determinant factor in the resultant sound, it is played unchangingly during the complete performance. The repeated cycle of plucking all strings creates the sonic canvas on which the melody of the raga is drawn. The combined sound of all strings, each string a fundamental tone with its own spectrum of overtones, supports and blend with the external tones sung or played by the soloist.

The name of the instrument derives from Persian (pr. tanbūr) where it designates a group of long necked lutes (see tanbur). Hindustani musicians favour the term ‘tanpura’ whereas Carnatic musicians say ‘tambura’; ‘tanpuri’ is a smaller variant sometimes used for accompanying instrumental soloists.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The body shape of the tanpura somewhat resembles that of the sitar, but it has no frets – as the strings are always plucked at their full lengths. One or more tanpuras may be used to accompany vocalists or instrumentalists. It has four or five (rarely six) metal strings, which are plucked one after another in a regular pattern to create a harmonic resonance on the basic notes of a

Professional quality four string with Horn breeze Tanpura, full decoration hand work with cellulite high glossy polished finished teak wood 4 string A= 440 Hz international pitch.                                                                                                                                  Shipping packing weight with fiber glass case approx 18 kg. volume weight approx 45 kg.                                                            packing & shipping cost in India Rs.2500/-                                                                                                                                        Australia,New Zealand, Fiji extra Fumigation charge approx USD 30.00

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