Professional quality eleven scale changer Primer reeds Harmonium SOB HM 15 free shipping in India


  • USD: $ 519.68

Technical specification: 11 scale changer portable Harmonium, seven folded below. three set Mohanlal Premier RT reeds, Male, male, female, coupling system.playing octave 3.9.portable version. 37 Italian keys, Full German cellulite. Full brass materials. five standing notes.Eleven scale changer. international pitch  ( A= 440 Hz ).seasoned Full Burma teak wood, high glossy polish finished, special features: coupling system:- this system provides a unique facility. While you are playing a particular note the sound of the same note of lower octave will set it automatically. You can change the scale as and when required. You are getting single, double & triple reeds playing facility. Nice & unique facility.handy:- it is in the form of a locked suitcase, so you can easily be carried from one place to another. Minimum space occupied while keeping. Easy to preserve the instrument from dust, heat, and light. Free with High-quality double padding cover. 

Size: long  26.5 inch wide: 15.5 inch height: 7.75 inch & approx 17 kg. packing approx with steel box 24 kg.

Shipping & peaking cost:- U.S.A,CANADA,EUROPE,AFRICA & AUSTRALIA with steel box approx $205 & RUSSIA,UKRAINE on India speed post. 

Australia, New Zealand & Fiji fumigation charges an extra USD 35.00