Professional quality high pitch melody sound Dalsetina Harmonium SOB DH 17 free shipping in India

$ 209.53

  • INR: ₹ 17,500.00

Professional quality Indian teak wood, German cellulite, full brass materials, double seven folded below, Italian keyboard,42 keys, high glassy hand made polish & R.T or Samrat Jupiter reeds (Bass, Mail), high tone melody A= 440 Hz pitch sound, standard Harmonium. With double padding cover.

Size: long  23.5 inch wide: 7.5 inch height: 10.5 inch & approx 10 kg. packing with steel box approx 16 kg.

Shipping & peaking cost:- U.S.A,CANADA,EUROPE,AFRICA & AUSTRALIA with steel box approx $155 & RUSSIA,UKRAINE on India speed post. 

Australia, New Zealand& Fiji Fumigation certificate extra cost USD 35