Surobani is a musical instruments manufacturers in the USA. We have been manufacturing strung and fretted instruments for over 20 years. Furthermore,  we have a long history of providing excellent service to our customers.

The company was founded in 2000 and has been manufacturing drums, xylophones, and other percussion instruments ever since. At Surobani, we believe that no matter what type of music you are playing or who you are playing it for, our products will always be able to support your performance at its best.

The company Surobani is a pioneer in developing harmoniums, electronic instruments, and other musical instruments that stand up to the three important components of music – melody, harmony, and rhythm. We have constantly experimented with the innovations of atonal music. Throughout, we have made many quality refinements and enhancements to create more reliable and modern musical instruments employed in a variety of musical styles.

About Surobani – The Best Musical instruments manufacturers

We offer high-quality products at affordable prices while maintaining an environmentally responsible business model. We work with local suppliers to ensure our musical equipment is made with the best materials available. Furthermore, we manufacture high-quality instruments that are durable and long-lasting without compromising sound quality. So, you don’t need to guess about the quality of the equipment while buying from Surobani. We believe that music should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age or ability. So we’re committed to making sure our customers have access to the best instruments at a fair price.

From entry-level to top-of-the-line professional models, Surobani carries the entire line of Musical instruments. You can choose from various makers, as well as various quality and pricing ranges, for many of our instruments. Typically, our attention is drawn to high-end instruments that have been carefully chosen, whose construction and audio output allows the amazing art of Musical instrument makers to be heard. Our product line consists of instruments ranging from Harmonium, Tabla, Sitar, Electronic Instruments, Ghungroo, Instrument Fiber Containers as well as Leather Instruments.

Specialization of Surobani

We provide professional services for all our products, including setup, repair, tuning, and more. Besides this, we also offer you high-quality products at competitive prices. We specialize in creating high-quality stringed and percussion instruments for professional musicians, as well as beginners. Our aim is to provide you with a wide selection of instruments that you can use for both your personal and professional needs. Our goal is to be the best Musical instruments manufacturers in the USA as well as in the world. So, to make stringed and fretted instruments, and we work hard every day to achieve that goal.

Surobani, one of the musical instrument manufacturers in the USA, is dedicated to bringing you the instrument you will love from choosing it through final tuning and setup, packaging and delivery, and even long-term care.